I’m going to be really annoying and ask y’all to follow my twitter @theanondawdler; its really lonely.

I process to come up with clever, quippy things to say.


I’ve Given In

I’m sure the guilt will become unbearable and I’ll eventually delete it but…I’ve created a Twitter.

In my defense its not so much because I think anything I have to say is important, I’m just hoping James Deen will notice me and tweet me someday.  (I’m kind of in love.  Even though I probably wouldn’t even risk shaking his hand in real life)

Anyways, all joking aside, I really think it might be useful when I can’t write a post.

Please follow me, my page is looking pretty pathetic at the moment: @theanondawdler

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I’m alive, but just barely.  I want to apologize for going MIA (as per usual) but I’ve been pretty bad lately.  The semester is coming to a close and I’m just trying to scrape by with the bare minimum.  This isn’t even a proper post but I just felt like I had to reach out and say something or I’m going to explode.

I also have been toying with an idea which I wanted to run past you guys (and by “you guys” I mean whoever happens to stumble across my blog).  I’m thinking twitter might come in handy for times like this, when I don’t have the time or nerves to write a post.  Would I be a total hypocrite?

Please let me know what you think.

I Want To Be Sick

I’m sure this post will disturb (or offend) some of you.  To be honest I’ve never written this or said it out loud because it disturbs me but:

I find something very attractive about being sick.

Maybe it’s because my grandmother had Munchausen and I take after her?  Or maybe I’ve had very good experiences when I was ill?  As a kid it usually meant being babied, waited on, tv, etc.

When I got older, it became an escape.  I quickly realized (by the 7th grade if not earlier) that being sick put an end to all my stress.  It was an excuse no one could argue with.  If I was sick I couldn’t possibly do the hours of homework I’d been assigned right?

But its more than that.  At my most depressed, I would long to be in a hospital, to have an excuse to sleep.  I’ve wished I could be diagnosed with some horrible illness.  It would be easier for people to understand at least.

Maybe it’s because being sick is incredibly “in” at the moment?  Try naming a romance where the heroine doesn’t have cancer.  Or a teen soap where we shouldn’t sympathize with the sick kid.  Not to mention all the charities, inspirational videos and other miscellaneous crap that litters our news feeds.

I can’t be the only one feeling this way?

Crap I DON’T waste my time on

piSo I recently wrote a post on all the crap I waste my time on.  And as I’ve mentioned before (and the name of this blog suggests), I do a whole lot of nothing.  But I did start thinking of some of the things I flat out refuse to spend time on:

my hair– So this came to mind first as it’s the first thing I choose not to do in the morning.  I wash my hair every night but it’s ridiculously long and I just don’t feel the need to do it (unless I’m going out out which is hardly ever).  I comb it when I get out of the shower but that’s it, no brushing, no straightening, no styling.

twitter, instagram, tumblr, snapchat– I’m sure you could already guess this one.  I’ve gone into detail about it before but I simply don’t think my life is that interesting, neither is any one else’s really.

taking pictures– I’m not one of those girls with a camera on nights out.  I absolutely hate being in a group and having to pose for a half hour until there’s a picture everyone is satisfied with.  As far as profile pictures go, I probably change mine every 6 months or so.

bubble/colorful letters-  Ok so this one is more of an issue I had as a 3rd grader but you’d be surprised how many girls still write their notes in bubble letters and color code them.  I’m sorry but I didn’t have time for it then and I definitely don’t now.

the delicate cycle– Ok please let me know if any woman actually washes her delicates separately.  I feel kind of bad I don’t but seriously that’s like a whole extra 35 minutes and $1.50.