“Serial” (Am I late to the party?)


So to be honest, I’ve never been entirely sure what a podcast was.  Thats embarrassing, I know.  But I have this idea of them being mostly either chatty radio talk show-type programs or something instructional.  My dad for one listens to a lot of podcasts on photography so that may have put me off.

And then I came across “Serial” last night.

My synopsis isn’t going to do it justice but its sort of like if NPR and Dateline teamed up.  It’s a nonfiction episodic show hosted by Sarah Koenig.  This particular story follows the murder of a high school student.  Although her ex-boyfriend is serving life for the crime there are some who believe him to be innocent.  Koenig delves into the case, interviewing witnesses, experts, attorneys, and the accused.

Now, maybe Dateline isn’t the best way to describe it.  Its much too intelligent for that.  Koenig is quick, witty, and thorough.  The case is incredibly detailed without seeming sensationalized.  But its more than that.

One of the coolest things about podcasts, as I’m now discovering, is this weird intimacy.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Like it’s just me and this woman whose talking to me.  I’m solving this case with her.  It’s not the same as a blaring television in a room.

I’ve also realized that I’m terrible at processing through audio.  I’m sure that’s something most of us can relate to, what with television, videos, movies, etc.  But I also think I’m just better at reading.  I’ve been able to do it as long as I can remember so its weird not having a book as an option.

With the podcast, I have to concentrate, especially in a show with so many names, places, and technical details.  I often find myself having to rewind a couple of minutes whenever my mind starts to wander.  It feels almost as if I’m engaging a whole new part of my brain.

Not to mention there’s something so wonderfully old-timey about it.  I’m constantly hearing about radio shows from my parents (both born in ’52) and how wonderful the fictional stories were.  It’s difficult for me to even imagine listening to a soap opera for instance rather than watching it.

But so far I’m really enjoying this.  (I enjoy anything that feels remotely old-fashioned) Today for instance, I drove home (about an hour) in the snow, while listening to “Serial”, to find my mother had left a pot of stew on the stove.  So cozy.

So has anyone else heard it?  Do you get what I mean?


Life Update

So, I dropped off the face of the earth as you may (or may not) have noticed.

Its the same old story, I freaked out about school, spent a couple weeks in bed, and am now struggling to finish the semester.

But things are looking up at the moment.  I still have some papers to write but it all seems doable.  I’ve also made some solid plans for the future.  I’ve dropped my English major (I’m now an Italian major with an English minor) to graduate sooner.   Assuming I’ve calculated correctly, I should be done with school by this summer.  One more thing that didn’t go according to plan right?

On a happier note, I hosted my first Thanksgiving.  I cooked and baked absolutely everything; I didn’t allow anyone to help.  And I pulled it off, at only 21 I might add.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading lately, which I don’t usually get to do.  I finished “Room” by Emma Donoghue a few weeks ago, “The Light Between Oceans” by M. L. Stedman about a week later, and I’m now finishing up “The Little Friend” by Donna Tartt.  I might do some book reviews once I’m done with all my work.

I’m hoping you guys will be seeing more of me.  Bye for now.


Random Ramble: Vices

I’m currently rushing my way through St. Augustine’s “Confessions”, (which of course I should have read over the course of 2 weeks) when I got to thinking. What are the obstacles in my life?  What are my vices?  The things I voluntarily choose to do which derail me?

I mean here we have St. Augustine condemning sexual relationships, rhetoric, Manicheaism, etc., all of which diverted him from his studies and more importantly his relationship with God.

As for me:

1) I rarely drink and I don’t do drugs.

2) I don’t have any food issues, nor do I work out obsessively or something.

3) I don’t really have any toxic relationships at the moment.

4) I’m not vain or overly concerned with attention from others.

5) I’m a virgin and I seldom masturbate.

So I’ve come to a rather pathetic conclusion.  My vice?  Complete and utter laziness.  Its rather embarrassing.  Here I am thinking I’m this complex, sensitive soul, but the only thing keeping me from my studies and all that I want to accomplish, is television and my bed.

Things to do over winter break

So I still can’t bear to start my studying/assignments.  And in an effort to motivate myself I thought I might make a list of things I want to accomplish over the vacation:

1) Read a book for pleasure.  I’m quite ashamed to admit that I have not done this in a very very long time. I’m not even sure what I would pick.

2) Take my laptop in to the Apple store.  I get this weird static all the time on the right side of my screen and its been making this awful rumbling noise.  I think I read online that it might be something loose somewhere.  I don’t know, either way I’ve neglected it.

3) Figure out my espresso machine.  This is the kind of stupid thing I put off all the time.  I bought a brand new dual coffee/espresso machine back in the summer when I moved into the studio by myself.  It took me a month to sit down and read the instructions for the coffee and then about 3 minutes to actually figure it out and brew it.  So again, no idea why I put off the espresso.

4) Buy that new bedset.  I only have one here at the studio which I wash quite often but you really should have two.  Another thing I’ve put off for no reason.

5) Go shopping at one of the consignment shops near me.  Its one of those things thats always in the back of my mind to do, but somehow the minute vacation starts and I’m horizontal on my sofa, all my fun ideas go out the window.  Kind of pathetic.

6) Do some christmas cooking and baking. These are actually both hobbies of mine and I’m quite good.  I want to do a bit of baking leading up to Christmas as well as help my mother prepare Christmas Eve dinner since it will be her first time preparing it in years.  Off the top of my head I’m thinking of some gingerbread men (because I have a new piping set!) and some vegan sugar cookies for my nephew (he’s allergic to both milk and eggs).

7) Come up with (and begin) some sort of diet/fitness plan. I know, quite contradictory to # 6.  I’ve gained some weight in the past 8 months or so and I’ve noticed I’m continuing to gain.  I just really need to cut a lot of things out of my diet and increase my intake of others.  I also don’t exercise anymore ever since I quit dance about a year ago.  I’m thinking of trying to work out at home, but we’ll see how that goes.