10 Halloween Films for Wimps

Now I know I’m in college and the rules dictate that I should dress provocatively and get drunk on Halloween.  But I’d much rather stay home, bake cookies, and put on a film.  The only problem is I’m a HUGE wimp.  I can’t handle anything the least bit scary.  I even avert my eyes when ads for horror films come on.

I’m assuming I’m not the only one with this issue.  And for those of us who want to get into the Halloween spirit but still be able to sleep at night, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorites.

1. Cats









I know this is a weird one.  But cats are a bit creepy right?  And the West End production is all dark and amazing.  Just trust me.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas







This one is a classic for a reason.

3. Beetlejuice









I still feel the need to watch this one with the lights on but I’m sure it brings alot of us back to our childhoods.  And Michael Keaton is hilarious.

4. Hocus Pocus







Another classic that features a young Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler at her best.

5. Harry Potter






Great any time of year.

6. Psycho






This is kind of as scary as it can get for me.  Its more suspenceful than anything else.  Plus Norman reminds me of my ex.

7. Corpse Bride







I love the animation, and I kind of tear up at the end.

8. Coraline







I actually dressed as her one Halloween.  And its still wonderful and creepy every time I watch it.

9. Paranorman







There are no words for how cute this film is.  Plus the storyline is pretty awesome, I think.

10. Sweeney Todd







A little gross but come on, its Johnny Depp.



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