The Problem With Pornography

WARNING: The following post is of a sensitive nature, and may offend some readers.

Let me begin by saying that my objections to pornography really aren’t based on morality.  While I am very Christian in many aspects of my life I generally don’t believe in censorship.  If all parties have consented to something, then why not?  And to be perfectly honest, sometimes porn can teach people a thing or two.

No, my problem with porn is based solely on the effects it has on relationships and on young men (and some women I suppose).

Internet pornography is like the Burger King of sexual behavior.  You can “have it your way” instantly.  A quick search or click of a mouse can get you anything you want, no matter how specific.  If you’re in the mood for a black woman dressed as a pirate in a balloon fetish video? Bingo.

This naturally becomes a problem when men (again I’m generalizing) find themselves with real-life women.  Sex is no longer a mutual give-and-take.  They simply ask for something and expect it to happen.

I don’t know about other women, but in the few intimate situations I’ve been in, I often find myself having to dispel some of the misconceptions caused by porn.  Men are convinced women look a certain way, act a certain way, and enjoy certain things:

Do you mean to tell me not all women keep their privates bare?

You mean women don’t get enjoyment just from performing oral sex?

There is also the matter of addiction.  I’ve heard of countless young men (from girlfriends) and even known a few who have developed a dependency on porn.  A man I dated could not ejaculate without pornography being involved, even if he was with a woman.

But the solution to these problems isn’t a ban on porn, but an open dialogue about it.  Guys, practice some moderation.  Ladies, if pornography is becoming an issue in your relationship don’t be scared to address it.  And parents, make sure teens are aware of the distorted view porn can give us.



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