Is this a stroke?

I don’t know if this is just me but one of the scariest things in the world is having a whole room of people stare at you like you’re crazy, like you have 10 heads or something.  My first thought whenever this happens in an academic setting is that I’ve made some huge ridiculous blunder.  I’m insisting 2+2=5.

My next thought (because I really am a bit crazy as you know) is that I’m somehow having a stroke.  Have you ever seen that terrible video of the news reporter suddenly speaking gibberish while on the air?  I think I’ve just made a well-thought out comment but instead I’m spewing nonsense syllables.

Of course neither of these are true.  The fact is that my whole life I’ve been far too intelligent for my peers and even my elders.  Its happened in grammar school, high school, college, and even social situations.  Sometimes I might as well be speaking Greek.

It happened again today.  I suspect I’m the only person who understood the 200 or so pages of required reading yet I’m the one who got giggles, smirks, and a few incredulous looks when I made my observations in class.

Normally I’d let it go but today I clammed up for the rest of the class then approached the professor afterwards.

“Was I being totally outlandish with my comments?  Was I completely off topic or something?”

She looked shocked that I would even think such a thing.  And reassured me (like so many other teachers and professors have) that they most likely didn’t understand me; that I’m very advanced.

Thats all fine and well.  And it is a relief to hear that but seriously, when is this crap going to end?


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