The First Week

Initial thoughts:

Italian opera–  My professor seems to be under the impression that he’s the new Robin Williams, albeit a slightly obnoxious racist version.  He also might be stealing my parents’ money this semester.  There hasn’t been any mention of the assigned readings listed on the syllabus (or any meaningful discussion or lecture) and when I approached him he simply shrugged and told me not to worry about it.

Structure of information-  Unfortunately this satisfies a general university requirement (hooray for state schools) and I sort of have to take it.  I’m hoping it morphs into a social/anthropological discussion since I am interested in the effect of technology on our generation (as you could tell from some of my posts).  About 70% of the course is online and involves a lot of postings and discussions (i.e. nonsense).

English Theories (Poetry)–  The professor and subject matter is bearable but as it is a basic course I might be the only person in there with a pulse.

Italian Senior Seminar– I’m excited to practice speaking on a weekly basis but I’m a bit anxious about the final paper (as usual).  The professor is also really excited about an experimental research symposium but in my experience these things usually end in failure.

I’m also attempting to stay on top of my assignments (doesn’t that sound familiar?) by creating smaller goals and deadlines for myself.  I’ve spoken to my professors who have agreed to work with me and hold me accountable.  I’m thinking maybe less freedom is the key?


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