Why I won’t be mourning Joan Rivers


Yes I know, you should never speak ill of the dead but it’s now or never…

I really couldn’t stand Joan Rivers.  I’m sorry but there you go.  It’s out now.

I think part of my dislike stems from frustration.  I find it incredibly frustrating that she was never truly picked apart by the feminists.  Yes I’m sure there have been some who have criticized her but never on a large enough scale, at least in my opinion.

I suppose you could argue that she was revolutionary; “one of the boys” back when there weren’t many female comedians.  And I suppose technically she subscribed to a “nothing and no one is off-limits” kind of philosophy.

But it doesn’t change the fact that she made her living criticizing other women, often tearing them to shreds.

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One thought on “Why I won’t be mourning Joan Rivers

  1. I feel exactly the same way. I found her to be cutting, vicious and cruel. She didn’t move women ahead. She set them back. Plastic surgery and clothes are what seemed important. This may not have been who she really was, which is a shame if true. She could have used that quick wit and bawdiness to dress down sexism and validate people for being people.

    She conformed, in my eyes, to the men’s world of that era. Some would say I missed her point, I hope that I did.

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