Study Abroad Italy: A bit of a rant

I feel completely ridiculous ranting about this, especially on here but, its as if I’m in an alternate universe.  The Italian men do not find me attractive AT ALL.

Now before everyone freaks out and calls me a narcissist or even worst, an “attention whore”, let me explain.  I’m being completely rational and practical about this.  Its very simple.  I know I’m an attractive person, its the truth.  Not a big deal. I’d give it up to be smarter personally.

Anyways, its as if I’ve entered the twilight zone.  I’ve been here 6 days and no one (except the first creep who has since jumped to each american girl) has talked to me, smiled at me, or even looked at me.  And all the other American girls have been approached so I know its not a cultural thing.

I’ve tried everything I can think of.  Its now become an obsession.

Any ideas for this social experiment?


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