Whats Next? II

I consider myself to be an introvert by choice.  I’m capable of public speaking, leading a group, being the life of the party, etc., etc. But as you can probably tell I’m most comfortable with quiet activities: reading, writing, museums, theatre; you get the idea.  This tends to be a problem when you’re going to a rowdy state school.

So today as I was walking my dog around campus, I began wondering if I was making a mistake.  Maybe I should just grit my teeth, bear the stupidity, and be more social?

I then came across a group standing outside of a pizzeria, three men and two women.  They’d clearly been drinking though it was only 5 o’clock in the evening.  As I walked by one of them said easily the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard in my life, a sexual comment directed towards my dog.

Yes, you read right.  I won’t repeat it here but I assure you, it sent chills down my spine.  Now I don’t wonder about the guy who said this.  He’s an animal, no question about it.  But what about the two girls with him who simply laughed?  I for one won’t even allow a dirty joke to be told in mixed company; I just don’t understand them.

But anyways, I continued on my stroll, only regretting that the dog couldn’t have pooped sooner so I would have had something to throw at them.  I was on my way to Caitlin’s house, as she was having a crisis.  You see, in New Jersey, running out of eyelash glue qualifies as a crisis.

Her apartment was truly the worst I’d ever seen it.  Garbage and clothes strewn all over a filthy carpet, dirty underwear in the bathroom.  Her roommate had already had several drinks and was heading out to “day-drink” wearing a tube top and shorts thought it was only 65 or so today.

I then stayed with Caitlin while she got ready.  She ended up choosing a dress which barely covered her bottom.  She also confessed to me that she simply doesn’t wear underwear anymore.  Ever.  “I don’t like it anymore”, was her reasoning.

So the moral of this rather disgusting anecdote is I’d much rather be shut up in my apartment watching cake decorating videos and reading.  I mean the alternative is just not an option.  But there’s a more important question:

Seriously, where am I going to raise a family?  I don’t think the Amish take outsiders and Saudi Arabia might be a bit extreme.  Where am I going to go?


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