Come on, ladies

1960s_secretaryLet me preface this by saying I am by no means a feminist.  I’ll get into my issues with feminism in another post but the bottom line is I hate telling other women how to live their lives.

But I recently started a small part-time job on campus and I had to say something.  Why is it an accepted truth that women have drama at work?  You never hear of men getting into petty arguments at the office.

For years I’ve been hearing my sister-in-law (along with other women) complain about their coworkers.  But the thing is, it usually has very little to do with work.  They become absorbed in what others think and say about them, like high school all over again.

I’ve experienced this first hand in the first few days of my job and can I just say how ridiculous it is?  I mean I make copies, and I answer the phone.  Thats it! So how come my own boss (who does like me) used the phrase “team Jane vs. team Corrine” when referring to me and another student worker?

I’d literally been their 2 days!  I don’t have any friends or allegiances there, I just show up, act polite, and do my job.  Why does it have to be this way?

As women we should be embarrassed by this.



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