We need a plan

Lately it seems universities (and any large institution in general) have protocols for everything.  We’re constantly figuring out ways to deal with all sorts of unique situations and individuals:

Cancer?  Ok!

ADHD?  No problem!

Transexual?  We’ve got you!

There’s just one exception.

I recently applied for disability at school regarding my anxiety and depression.  This was not my idea at all but was suggested to me by several different professors and counselors.  I presented all of the appropriate documentation (I even discussed my family life) and was clear about my needs during the interview.  I don’t need extra test time or a tutor; all I want is for professors to be made aware of my situation.

I was denied.

Thats not really what upset me though.  I’m just shocked at their lack of knowledge regarding mental health issues.  The counselor who handled my case told me: “We’re uncomfortable dealing with mental health”.

Seriously?  Its 2014!  I hate to label this as stigma but what else can I call it?  1 in 10 adults in the US suffer from depression.  Isn’t it about time everyone else got informed?



3 thoughts on “We need a plan

  1. You’re kidding! I cannot believe your simple request was denied. That’s just … wrong. Unbelieveable.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I hope it gets widely read and is a tiny piece of a groundswell of change.
    Best wishes for your studies.

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