Crap I waste my time on

youtube_logo_stacked-vfl225ZTxMy last two posts have been a little on the heavy side so I thought I might write something a bit fun.  Everyone has their routine online.  You know what I mean, like immediately logging into Facebook.  So I thought I’d share exactly what I do when I’m procrastinating.

1.  GMAIL– I have to check my email immediately.  Its usually just notifications from professors and such.

2. Facebook– Its really more of an obligation at this point.  I definitely don’t spend more than 5 minutes on it but I need to make sure I don’t have any new friend requests or posts on my wall.  I’m sure everyone can relate to that.  I also feel the need to go through my newsfeed.  This usually results in me feeling incredibly annoyed at how stupid everyone is or feeling depressed that I’m not traveling the world or writing a book or whatever it is a select few of my “friends” are doing.

3. WordPress– This is a new one but definitely enjoyable.  I don’t really care so much about any notifications I get but I can spend ages reading others’ posts.

4. Youtube– I don’t know about anyone else but I think Youtube is fabulous.  I’m not one to watch people falling or doing gross “challenges” but I do love tutorials:

As far as cooking/baking goes I highly recommend Laura in the Kitchen and Joy of Baking.  They’re really easy to follow and everything I make from them always turns out great.

For beauty, I absolutely adore A Model Recommends and Lisa Eldridge. They’re both British and therefor lovely to listen to, plus they’re so elegant I could cry a little.

5. Extras– I occasionally frequent a few other blogs.  Plus I can spend ages researching something random that popped into my head, whether thats Son of Sam, the plot to a film, or some rare disease.  Is anyone else like that?


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