Whats next?

sat-answer-sheetI know this is going to be a rather controversial post but I just needed to write this for my own sake.  I’m appalled at the new changes being made to the SATs.  Essentially (here’s the article so you can check it out yourself) the test is being watered down.

Not only are they eliminating the essay and easing up on the vocabulary and math, but they will also no longer be deducting points for wrong answers.  The idea behind this all is to “promote equity” among all students and match the exam with the high school curriculum.

Where do I begin?  Our society has lately been operating under the assumption that college is for everyone.  It is not.  Some people are simply not suited for it.  We see these people all the time in our classes.  And I can think of a few individuals who would benefit from learning a trade (electricians for instance make a buttload) rather than struggling through something like a Communications or International Business major.

As far as coming from a “disadvantaged” background, I’ll tell you a story.  My mother came to this country at 16 years-old, she did not know the language, and my grandparents (who had maybe a 7th grade education) went to work in a factory.  Just a few years later she managed to attend college and became a teacher.  The same went for my father and many others.

I understand there are plenty of other situations to take into account, but changing this test is not the answer.  What are we thinking?  The SATs are truly the only way to measure high school students across the country.  If we start dumbing things down now, how are American college graduates supposed to stand up against graduates from all over the world?  I really didn’t think our education system could get any worse.

Perhaps I’ll write my next midterm in crayon?


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