Anxious Thoughts

Lately, I’ve been experiencing this new, free-floating anxiety.  This general uneasiness that I can’t shake or get to the root of.  I can’t sleep or concentrate and when I do manage to fall asleep I have these strange dreams.  So in an effort to relax a bit tonight I thought I’d list some of the things that might be behind it:

1.  A student was recently found murdered just a couple streets away from me.

2.  My incomplete work from last semester is due May 1st and I have yet to start.

3.  I’m going away with my friend Caitlin this weekend with the family she babysits for.  I know its a silly thing to be anxious about but new situations always worry me.  What do I pack?  What if I need something?  What if I get sick? etc, etc. Plus Caitlin is always a little crazy and she’ll probably try to convince me to hitchhike at 2 in the morning or something.

4.  I have work due the Monday I get back from this trip so I’m anxious about getting it done beforehand.

5.  I’m getting the feeling one of my professors doesn’t care for me.  I don’t want to go into it but I feel really shitty.

6.  I’m back with the Iranian (long story short he made a big effort on Valentine’s Day and I gave him another chance) but we have some issues to work out.

7.  Home is always a source of anxiety lately.  I look forward to tons of housework, and my mother,father, and grandfather (he’s staying with us) driving me crazy.



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