“Nightline” and Insomnia Snacks

Its exactly six in the morning as I write this.  Yes, part of my insomnia is my own fault; I have a terrible sleep schedule.  But in my defense, this also freaked me out:

I stubbled across it and I’m not sure why it disturbs me so deeply.  Maybe because it seems like something that would happen to me.  But it seems straight out of a horror movie.

So, I decided I needed a little comfort food, and I hadn’t eaten much so I thought I might try a new recipe.  Maybe I’m an idiot for not knowing this or not figuring it out on my own but oatmeal banana pancakes are genius!  All you need is:

1/3 cup of oats

2 eggs

and a banana

I just threw it all in the food processor.  Its insanely easy!  I’m thinking of making a bunch and freezing them for nights/mornings like this one.


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