Random Ramble: Vices

I’m currently rushing my way through St. Augustine’s “Confessions”, (which of course I should have read over the course of 2 weeks) when I got to thinking. What are the obstacles in my life?  What are my vices?  The things I voluntarily choose to do which derail me?

I mean here we have St. Augustine condemning sexual relationships, rhetoric, Manicheaism, etc., all of which diverted him from his studies and more importantly his relationship with God.

As for me:

1) I rarely drink and I don’t do drugs.

2) I don’t have any food issues, nor do I work out obsessively or something.

3) I don’t really have any toxic relationships at the moment.

4) I’m not vain or overly concerned with attention from others.

5) I’m a virgin and I seldom masturbate.

So I’ve come to a rather pathetic conclusion.  My vice?  Complete and utter laziness.  Its rather embarrassing.  Here I am thinking I’m this complex, sensitive soul, but the only thing keeping me from my studies and all that I want to accomplish, is television and my bed.


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