On dating: the Iranian

long-distance-relationship1Since my last serious relationship ended back in May, I’ve sort of been dating casually (thanks to Plenty o’ Fish).  It hasn’t been too bad to be honest.  I actually enjoy the excitement of it and so long as I stay safe and keep things casual, nothing really bothers me about it.

Recently, I’ve been seeing one guy in particular though.  Lets’ call him Teymour, or the Iranian.  (Didn’t Carrie Bradshaw have a “Russian”?)  He’s 30 years old, an engineer, and has the most beautiful hazel eyes.  There obviously is a huge cultural difference but I personally just find it intriguing.  He’s kind and generous; he spent an hour getting my car out of the snow when I called him tonight in a panic.

There’s just one problem.

His student visa expires in 10 months.  He’s waiting to be approved for his green card but who knows if it’ll happen in time.  When he first told me, this sudden panic set in.  I suddenly convinced myself that he in fact didn’t want to stay in the country and would be happy to flee in less than a year, which of course isn’t the case.  A few seconds after that, the thought of getting married crossed my mind.

But I’ve been thinking.  Maybe this is a good lesson for me?  I need to learn to go with the flow and trust fate.  I feel like I’m always trying to not only control everything, but manipulate and shape the future.  Thats fine as far as career or education goes, but not so much with relationships.  I think I just need to enjoy my time with him, see what happens, and of course make sure I don’t get too attached.

But even if I do fall in love, its pretty romantic to have the guy sent back to Iran right?


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