the first week

So far, I think this semester is slightly better than the last one.  I’ve been to 3 out of 4 classes (snow and MLK Day kind of messed things up) and they all seem ok.  I’m also incredibly grateful that the earliest I start is 1:10.  I have the worst time waking up and I often experience anxiety in the morning.

But just when everything is working out school-wise, family stuff has to happen.  My mom fractured her ankle and had to have surgery on Tuesday.  Everything went well thankfully, and I’m glad it wasn’t something more serious.  This does mean however that I’ll need to come home every weekend to help out.  We’re talking cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc (my dad is kind of helpless).  Not that I mind, after all my mom did wash my hair until I was 12, the least I can do is return the favor for a couple months.

On the bright side, this was a great opportunity to talk to her about family stuff.  Just a week before this fracture she had gotten into a car accident.  She’s just pushing herself to the breaking point trying to take care of everyone and everything.

I haven’t gone into detail on this blog about my family situation but, we have some unique obligations, so to speak.  Bottom line is, I was finally able to approach her with my concerns.  I constantly worry about her health and all the stress she’s under, and wonder how the rest of us will ever learn to fend for ourselves if she’s always trying to do everything for us.  I actually felt like I got some closure about things though.

Its so crazy that this all happens a couple days before my 21st birthday.  Its like all at once I’m a grown up.  And I always thought I’d hate having to do things on my own.  I wonder how much of it was my own fears or everyone convincing me I was the fragile baby girl of the family.  But lately, I’m kind of liking this independence.


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