Roommate Horror Stories (warning: gets pretty gross)

As I stated in my last post I’m back at my studio near campus.  And while I am struggling with some school-related issues, the one thing I really can’t complain about is my living situation.  I am incredibly grateful for the teeny tiny apartment I have all to myself.  So for fun, I thought I might share a past experience I had.  Hopefully some of you will get a laugh out of it:

It was my sophomore year, and I thought it was an excellent idea to move into a suite-style dorm with three other girls.  In theory, it seemed like an improvement over a traditional dorm as there were only four of us sharing one bathroom.  However I didn’t account for my roommates’ personal habits.

There was one particular girl, whom we all had trouble with.  Lets call her, Melissa.  Missy for short.  So as you can imagine, Missy refused to pitch in when it came to cleaning or even sharing the expense of toilet paper.  She also refused to clean her hair out of the drain or take her dirty dishes out of the (bathroom) sink.  But things got worse.

One day, while one of the other girls was brushing her teeth, she spotted a razor on the counter surrounded by blond pubic hairs.  When, Missy was confronted, she denied it angrily.  Even though it was her razor and she was the only blonde.

On another occasion, Missy came into our bedroom (the one I shared with my roommate) and began chatting before her shower.  We didn’t think anything of it as she sat on my roommate’s desk wrapped in her towel.  That was until she told us she currently had her period.  And no, she was not wearing a tampon.

Which brings me to my final and perhaps most gruesome Missy anecdote.  For some time, the rest of us had noticed a small wash towel hanging in the bathroom.  It clearly hadn’t been washed as it was quite stiff but we each figured one of us had forgotten it.

One day, Missy comes into my room to chat.

“Can I ask you something personal?” she asks.


“How do you keep yourself clean? Down there.”


“I’m just having a bit of odor down there lately.”

“Oh.  Well are you washing everyday?”

“Yeah.  I’m over the toilet every morning with my washcloth.”

Thats right, ladies and gentlemen.  She kept a dirty wash towel hanging in the bathroom which she used over the toilet.



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