out of time

I’m officially freaking out.  I had my middle eastern studies final yesterday morning.  And after only studying about an hour and a half, I did pretty well.  But now I have to deal with my other two classes.

I obviously got no work done at home which I sort of had a feeling would happen.  I still have to do my italian paper and my three English papers.  I’m at the point where I stop checking my email for fear of seeing one from a professor telling me I’m out of time.  Instead I go MIA until I get my work done or give up and go begging for an incomplete.  This would be the third semester in a row I do this (last spring and this summer).  Meanwhile my mother doesn’t know about all this and I feel awful keeping it from her (I tell her everything).

I don’t know what to do.  This feels like some awful disease that keeps coming back.


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